NNFCC and Covid-19, an Update

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Despite the difficulties we have faced during the covid-19 pandemic, NNFCC is fortunate to have been able to continue with business as usual.

It is somewhat an understatement to say that 2020 has been a challenging year. The effects of the covid-19 pandemic are being felt across all aspects of our lives. National lockdowns in the UK and across Europe have interrupted supply chains and forced people out of work, and a great many sectors have suffered as a result.

Therefore we consider ourselves very fortunate that covid-19 has not taken a particularly large toll on the goings on here at NNFCC. Thanks to the flexibility of our team we have been able to maintain something close to “business as usual”, delivering projects for our clients. We have even been able to grow the team, welcoming Gillian Finnerty at the start of July.

We’re not the only ones either: we have seen activity across all of the sectors of the bioeconomy, not just from our clients, but from the sector as a whole, as seen in our monthly news reviews. It is a testament to the sector’s resilience that business has been able to continue during this unprecedented time. As restrictions start to ease we wish continued success to our colleagues in the bioeconomy, and ask that people remain diligent in order to protect those most vulnerable.

At NNFCC we remain open for business. You can contact our team via phone on 01904 435182, through our website, or by email at enquiries@nnfcc.co.uk.