Environmental Agency consultation for the revision of standard rules permits for biowaste treatment

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The Environment Agency is proposing revisions of the standards permits for biowaste treatment and plastics contamination. A consultation was conducted to gather views on the proposed amendments from stakeholders, public bodies and individuals.

The Environmental Permitting Regulations from 2016 (for Wales and England) are a set of rules allowing the Environment Agency (EA) to offer standard permits to businesses and facilities processing biowaste in a way that reduces administrative burden while upholding environmental standards. The EA is proposing revisions to these rules to improve industrial performance while keeping up to date with the government’s environmental objectives, to improve soil health, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the revisions also reflect the EA wish to take more of an active part in the bioeconomy, notably by promoting anaerobic digestion (AD).

Earlier this month the EA published data from a consultation it ran in 2020 to gather views on the proposed revisions with stakeholders including public bodies, environmental organisations and individuals. It appeared that the majority of the 45 participants disagreed with the revisions overall. More particularly, concerning the revisions of plastic contamination regulations, 16 out of 25 participants disagreed with the proposed 0.5% w/w (weight per weight) limit on non-biodegradable plastic in incoming waste.

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This article was written by Thea Allary, Research Analyst at NNFCC.

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