The European Circular Bioeconomy Policy Initiative

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NNFCC is a supporter of the ECBPI

The European Circular Bioeconomy Policy Initiative (ECBPI) is a alliance of those who believe that the opportunities and challenges we face in Europe for continued prosperity are intrinsically linked to the growth of a restorative, regenerative European circular bioeconomy.

The vision of the ECBPI is to see materials and energy derived from biowastes and agricultural by-products, from renewable, sustainably grown, bio-based resources that complement food production, returned through systemic management to soil, to enhance and ensure the long-term viability of agricultural production in Europe. The ECBPI will provide a platform to promote this vision within the context of European policies.

The mission of the ECBPI is the:

  • Advancement of the European Economy
  • Regeneration of our Environment
  • Sustainability of our Agriculture
  • Development of Scientific Research
  • Health of our Citizens

The ECBPI will advocate for policies which have a positive impact on regenerative and restorative practices that help close the carbon cycle through the use of renewable and biodegradable materials and energy sources.  It will work as a loose coalition of the like-minded, including researchers, academics, NGOs and other associations, policy makers and businesses interested in this sector.  The ECBPI will create a meeting and discussion space for all its partners to co-design policies to regenerate territories both ecologically and socially.  The employment of renewable materials and energy is a starting point for new initiatives to decarbonize, innovate, regenerate different value chains. 

Supporters are those individuals who adhere to the principles and share the aims of the ECBPI Manifesto. They are called upon on an ad hoc basis to provide expert opinion and advice to the Initiative to strengthen and inform its policy positions. Supporters include academic professionals, and industrial, commercial and consultancy supporters, including NNFCC.

For more information:

Find out more about this initiative over on the ECBPI website, click here to visit.