End-Of-Life Tyres

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This latest article explores the fate of end-of-lie tyres and discusses strategies to reuse and recover the high-value compounds they are made of.

Modern vehicle tyres are complex structures which contain various types of rubber alongside many different compounds and minerals which are carefully combined to produce properties which are optimal for durability, strength, grip, quietness and low rolling resistance. These materials require energy and resources to produce, and there’s an increasing interest in recovering these resources once the tyre is no longer safely usable as a tyre (End-of-life). The complexity of the tyre material makes recovery challenging, but there are several viable options for reuse, recycling and the recovery of energy. In the UK alone around 50 million tyres (480,000 tonnes) reach the end of their usable life each year.

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This article was written by Dr Andrew Dyer, Senior Research Analyst.

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