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Broaden your knowledge of the bioeconomy, and stay up to date with NNFCC's News Reviews.

A good decision is based on knowledge. At NNFCC we live and breathe the bioeconomy, our knowledge is born from constant market surveillance and stakeholder engagement.

Each month we compile four news briefings across biofuels, bioenergy, biobased products and raw materials, succinctly documenting the latest news with links to the original longer reads.

The importance of bioenergy in the global effort to address climate change is well documented. Our bioenergy news review contains a timely summary of relevant policy development and changes, tariff announcements, market movements and new technology developments in biomass heat, power, anaerobic digestion and energy from waste (EfW).

For monthly updates on liquid fuels our biofuels review contains summaries of the latest biofuel news from the EU, US and developing markets across the world. With a specific outlook on policy changes, tariff issues and technology development in the traditional and advanced markets. In addition to these markets, the review also covers the emerging areas of ‘Low Carbon Fossil Fuels (LCFF)’, ‘Renewable Fuels of Non-Biological Origin’ (RFNBO’s) and ‘Developmental fuels’.

The biobased products sector is a rapidly developing area of the bioeconomy. With complicated value chains it reaches across the chemicals and fibre industries into the world of plastics, textiles, and consumer products. The importance of the biobased products market can’t be underestimated, it’s the point at the which the bioeconomy touches the consumer, where household names like Lego and Coca Cola push the positive sustainability story of renewable raw materials. NNFCC’s biobased products news reviews provide a monthly update covering new product launches, technology developments, policy announcements and news on industry collaborations.

The basis of the bioeconomy is biomass, its availability, price, and sustainability can make or break business plans and concepts. Our monthly feedstocks brief reviews agricultural, forestry, waste and aquatic feedstocks. It covers market developments affecting the supply and demand of established feedstocks and emerging specialist feedstock supplying niche applications. It details the company announcements and national policies and strategies, driving and often defining sector development.

NNFCC’s news reviews keep you fully briefed on key developments, ensuring that you know who’s doing what with whom. As they say ‘ipsa scientia potestas est’,'knowledge itself is power.

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