Ireland’s Draft Biomethane Strategy

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In this article, we explore the current state of the AD sector in Ireland, the country in the EU with the highest potential per capita for biomethane development, and take a closer look at the Draft National Biomethane Strategy.

Ireland’s AD industry is in the initial stages of development, with only a few tens of biogas plants currently in operation, and just three plants focused on the production of biomethane. The injection of biomethane in the Irish gas grid commenced in 2020; this is in contrast to key players in the European biomethane landscape, Germany, Denmark, and the UK, who have been injecting biomethane into the grid for over a decade.

Nonetheless, Ireland and its AD potential has attracted the interest of a range of key stakeholders. Recently, the European Commission identified Ireland as the country in the EU with the highest potential per capita for biomethane development. Investors and AD developers are also looking at Ireland, as it presents major development opportunities, due to its nascent status, and with significant amounts of readily available agricultural products and by-products, widely used as feedstock for AD. In September 2023, Gas Network Ireland (GNI) published the Biomethane Energy Report, which highlighted that 176 prospective producers had an interest in developing projects in Ireland, outlining a potential to produce 14.8TWh of biomethane every year.

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This article was written by Andrea Muñoz García, Senior Consultant.

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