Life After Meat: The Bioeconomy’s Alternative Protein Sources – Part 3

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After our first and second article on alternative protein sources, we dig a little deeper and take a look at some of the regulatory barriers that some of these alternative proteins may face.

As the production of meat comes under increasing scrutiny for its environmental impacts, efforts to develop alternative proteins have been increasing.  In our previous two articles in this series, we’ve taken a look at some of the alternative proteins that are either available or in development, and a look at who’s doing what, particularly in the UK. A reoccurring theme highlighted in the series so far is the regulatory requirements that exist within the sector. Novel foods in particular require specific authorization both in the EU and elsewhere. This article will therefore take a further look at alternative proteins and the regulatory barriers that may present themselves when taking a new product to market.

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This article was written by Polly-Ann Hanson, Research Analyst at NNFCC.

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