Life After Meat: The Bioeconomy’s Alternative Protein Sources – Part 2

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After our first article on alternative protein sources, we dig a little deeper and build up a picture of some of the key players in the industry.

In recent years there has been a substantial increase in the amount of people interested in reducing their meat consumption. The environmental impact of agriculture and farming, in particular meat production, is coming under increasing scrutiny as being responsible for significant carbon emissions. However, there is still an appetite for protein. Beans and legumes for example contain high amounts of protein, but there is significant demand in the market for protein and people like to have choice when it comes to their food. There are a variety of protein sources that are currently available and in development, some with the bioeconomy to thank.

Last year we wrote an article which aimed to give a quick introduction to the industry, and highlight a few of these meat alternatives. In part two, we dig a little deeper and aim to build up a picture of some of the key players, predominantly in the UK.

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This article was written by Polly-Ann Hanson, Research Analyst at NNFCC.

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