NNFCC Christmas Wishlist 2020

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Top 10 - NNFCC's biobased Christmas Wishlist for 2020.

In such uncertain times, it’s always good to know that some things never change. So as per tradition, here is the new NNFCC biobased Christmas Wishlist for 2020! We’ve drawn out our top 10 of the biobased products that we wouldn’t mind seeing under the tree this year. 

BiOBUDDi baby toys

Get them started early! Even our little ones can participate in making our way of life more sustainable. The BiOBUDDi building blocks will allow them to build castles, robots and spaceships out of biobased plastics made from sugar cane. Not sure the blocks will be any less painful when you step on them barefoot though!

Reebok biobased shoe

Who said sustainability wasn’t stylish? Reebok definitely think they can go hand in hand, and they’ve proved it! Their new pair of city shoes, made from cotton and corn-based material, provide a sustainable and fashionable quality product which also achieves a classic look and remains affordable.

Soap box

It wouldn’t be a proper Christmas without the myriad of soap gift boxes and bath salt confections that make up easy, fragrant and wholesome presents. This year, we thought you might like to lean towards Lush’s Christmas shower gel gift set. The packaging is made from organically grown hemp combined with mushroom mycelium, and grown from upcycled materials. The result is a handy tray which can go in your home compost!

Bamboo-based memory foam pillows

There is no doubt that all that Christmas food will warrant an afternoon nap. Or two… We thought we’d give you a couple of tips to make that a sleep worthy of royalty! You may know of memory foam already, a material that will adapt to the shape of your body, ensuring a comfortable and pain-free rest. You may however not know of this new bamboo-based pillow, which ensures a sustainable solution to a comfy experience.

Wooden watches

For the past few years, WOODWATCH is been designing and producing… well, wooden watches. Each watch is made from plastic-free sustainable material, and every time one of them is sold, three trees are planted. Over 100,000 trees have already been planted since the company launched. Although we might not get much sun throughout the next few months, we thought you should also have a look at their range of cellulose acetate-based sunglasses, derived from cotton and wood fibres. They look just as cool!

Stella McCartney Falabella bag

This one might be a bit more of a strain on the wallet; but could be a very special gift for a very special someone. This luxury bag is made of Mylo, a mycelial-based leather-alternative developed by Bolt Threads. The material is grown on sustainable and renewable organic matter, before being tanned and dyed. Kate Moss and Rihanna have it… so it must be good!

Yulex wetsuits

The company Patagonia have developed Yulex, a sustainable and natural alternative to conventional oil-based rubber used in wetsuits. They have designed a whole Yulex collection which contains all the equipment any self-respecting diver, surfer and kite-surfer would need. It’s even Fair Trade certified!

Vollebak t-shirt

Would you ever wear algae? No neither would we… Not straight out of the shore that is! We definitely would want to wear Vollebak’s new algae and plant-based t-shirt though, which – while as durable and stylish as any other cotton t-shirt – would biodegrade within 3 months once discarded into the environment. So once you’re done with it, bury it in your garden. That’ll make quite a feast for a whole lot of organisms.

GastroMax kitchen utensils

This range of biobased kitchen utensils comprises 20 items, from a cheese slicer, to a whisk. Not forgetting the essential pizza cutter and bottle opener of course! These utensils are made of 98% biobased materials, including biobased plastics produced from sugar cane, reducing the products carbon footprint by 60% in total.

Pineapple Leather

Ok, we know it’s another crazy leather alternative, but it’s Winter and be it a boot or a jacket, leather is a great addition to a Winter wardrobe. The company Pinatex have developed a leather alternative textile made out of pineapple leaves, an agricultural by-product of pineapple farming. You’ll find it used by multiple retailers now, including big name brands like H&M and Paul Smith.