NNFCC Christmas Wishlist 2021

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Top 10 - NNFCC's biobased Christmas Wishlist for 2021.

It’s that time of year again! The time where we go over the most exciting new sustainable products of 2021, and spend a moment wishing we owned them all… So here it is, our top 10 wish-list which we hope will give you some inspiration.


FJÄLLRÄVEN – Tree-Kånken backpack

FJÄLLRÄVEN backpacks have become a common sight in the past few years, and remain a token of quality in the minds of customers. Sustainability has always been at the heart of the company’s identity; a commitment that just keeps on getting stronger every year. In 2021, FJÄLLRÄVEN released its first ever backpack made from 100% biobased fabric. Dubbed Pine Weave, this new material is manufactured from spruce and pine trees sustainably grown in northern Sweden.

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Thinksound – ov21

One of our favourites! Perfectly combining a beautiful design with the prospect of quality sound, all of that carefully wrapped within the comfort of sustainable craftmanship… The new ov21 headphones are partly made from Eastman Tr─ôva™, a bioplastic itself made from sustainable wood pulp. A slightly higher budget will be needed for that one, but nothing that a “common gift” situation can’t solve!

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CHANEL – Les Eaux de Chanel

Ancient luxury houses such as Chanel are also making their move towards sustainable practices by introducing new design techniques and materials into their iconic products. The new “Les Eaux de Chanel” fragrance bottles now contain biobased caps, made from 91% biobased materials obtained from renewable resources and FSC™ certified wood chips. The design of the whole bottle was also improved to optimise feedstocks and transport needs, and facilitate waste valorisation down the line.

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SAYE – Sneakers

That one is for those who enjoy having the choice! SAYE sneakers are made from a range of sustainable materials to choose from, and which can be corn-, bamboo- or cactus-derived. Some products are also made from recycled and/or organic raw materials. And of course, all of that, with pretty cool-looking designs!

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L’Occitane – Clean Charter products

L’Occitane brand, which specialises in products for beauty and skincare, has introduced a new label within its own line: the Clean Charter. The in-house label indicates that products which are certified contain over 95% natural origin and/or readily biodegradable ingredients. The label covers a range of great products which would make very good presents for others, and for ourselves…

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Waboba – Sports balls

One for the playful amongst you. Waboba has developed outdoors sports equipment made from biobased materials. Waboba volleyballs, football and American football balls are made from jute plant and rubber tree, and come in recycled packaging. Their range even includes beach paddle rackets made from sustainably sourced wood, and their accompanying cork ball.

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Luke’s Toy Factory – 3D Puzzles

And for the littler ones this time, some toys! US-based Luke’s Toy Factory is giving wood residues from the furniture industry a second chance. Luke is introducing packs of educational toys partly made from sawdust, which would have otherwise been incinerated and lost. Through this process, 30% less plastic is used to build the 3D toys.

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Urban Farm It – Mushroom growing kits

New products now allow you to bring the outdoors inside your houses and flats. You can even grow your own food from the comfort of your warm living room or kitchen. Urban Farm It are offering mushroom growing kits, from which you can grow tasty oyster mushrooms and make some delicious dishes with! You might even learn some really cool mycology facts in the process…

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Caracara Collective – Organic waste lamp-shades

Caracara Collective proposes a range of lamp-shades made from plant-derived organic waste. From orange peel to cucumber waste and pine needles, this creative and very elegant range of home decoration items is bound to conquer some hearts!

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Saborka – Backpack

Saborka are making use of the newly developed Pinatex material – a new fabric made from waste pineapple leaf fibre – to produce classic-looking elegant backpacks. These new products ally design and practicality, as each is big enough to hold a 13 inch laptop while boasting waterproof properties. All products are also handmade in Vienna, Austria.

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