Paving the road towards bio-based specialty chemicals

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In this article, we look at specialty chemicals, their share in the industry and the current potential to transition towards a more sustainable biobased specialty chemical sector.

A prominent segment of the chemicals industry are the specialty chemicals. These types of solutions are either comprised of a single chemical or formulations which modify and uniquely tailor the properties of the end-product. They are often sold based on their performance capabilities rather than their price and are difficult to replicate by competitors.

Some examples of specialty chemicals include adhesives, catalysts, coatings, flavors, lubricants, fragrances, surfactants, water treatment chemicals, construction chemicals, elastomers etc. Therefore, it is evident that the specialty chemicals industry is present in many major sectors across the global economy including automotive, aeronautics, electronics, agriculture, cleaning etc.

This segment occupied almost 30% of the total chemical sales within the EU in 20213. Hence, it is important that their production methodologies consider the use of bio-based feedstocks, take into account circularity, and preferably have low carbon footprints.

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This article was written by Dr Konstantinos Drousiotis, Senior Research Analyst.

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