NNFCC Awarded Collaborative Grant to Boost EU Synthetic Biology Competitiveness

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NNFCC joins 10 other partners in the newly launched Horizon2020-funded ShikiFactory100 project.

An 8 million Euros grant was attributed by the EU to the ShikiFactory100 project, an international effort coordinated by biotech SME SilicoLife, in cooperation with some of the most relevant players in Europe, covering leading research institutions, SMEs and a large industrial company. The ShikiFactory100 project aims towards the production of a universe of more than 100 high-value compounds from the shikimate pathway, a hub in cell metabolism, through the development of an optimized chassis and the proposal and implementation of novel biosynthetic routes for the production of known and new to nature molecules.

NNFCC joins 10 other partners from 7 countries, including Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, the UK, and the Netherlands.

The development of economically feasible and sustainable biotechnological processes as alternatives to oil-based chemistry is one of the major goals of the bio-based economy. The global chemical industry has initiated a crucial transition from petrochemical processes to bio-based chemical processes. Synthetic biology and bio-based processes are expected to become the preferred approach to produce chemicals from renewable feedstocks using cell factories.

The project will develop and consolidate an integrated Synthetic Biology platform for engineering tailored strains, based on simplified and optimized genomes for the efficient, cost-effective bio-based production of chemicals around the shikimate hub.

Facts and figures about ShikiFactory100

  • The ShikiFactory100 (Modular cell factories for the production of 100 compounds from the shikimate pathway) grant was given as part of a call from EU within the Horizon2020 program “Synthetic biology to expand diversity of nature's chemical production”.
  • The research partners will develop novel methods for pathway discovery and compound design, collaborating with the companies in the rapid prototyping of genetic pathway designs, implementation and optimization of the chassis, while the SMEs and the industrial partner will lead the assessment of the products and the exploitation of the results for different application areas.

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Notes to Editors

The ShikiFactory100 project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 814408.


NNFCC is a specialist bioeconomy consultancy based in York, the UK.  Established by the UK government in 2003 as the National Non-Food Crops Centre, NNFCC has grown to become a leading independent consultancy focused on understanding biorenewable markets and technologies.  They provide global clients with a holistic view of feedstock, technology, policy and market development across the bioeconomy, enabling informed business decisions and sustainable business strategies.  NNFCC also provides technical, market and policy expertise on the conversion of biomass and waste to bioenergy, biofuels and biobased products to the UK government.  See more at http://www.nnfcc.co.uk.

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