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Press release - June 2024 - Final OLEAF4VALUE general consortium meeting (English).

Madrid, Spain – May 2024 – The OLEAF4VALUE project, a sustainable-oriented EU-funded initiative formed by a consortium of 16 expert partners that aimed at switching the way we think about olive leaves, has developed biomass valorisation strategies to solve the problem of olive leaves removal from the fields after 3 years of work. It has achieved significant milestones since its beginning back in July 2021 across various fronts:

  1. Partners provided diverse samples and experiences, leading to a comprehensive methodology for rapid biomass scanning, validated for future biorefinery operations.
  2. Five processing routes for the smart biorefinery have been designed to produce over 40 bioproducts from olive leaves, with sorting software near completion to optimize usage based on market demands and sustainability.
  3. Partners have developed biotechnological processes based on enzymes and microorganisms, have improved physicochemical properties, and have implemented a disruptive technology called MIPs (Molecularly Imprinted Polymers - Affinisep) to produce extracts with higher purity in terms of the active ingredient of interest.
  4. Olive leaf bioproducts, rich in polyphenols and triterpenes, have shown promising results as antioxidants and antimicrobials. Polyphenol-rich extracts can beneficially modulate human gut microbiota, and oleanolic acid-taurine can be possibly used as substance for cosmetics applications. Additionally, adding olive leaf extracts to the diet of Atlantic salmon has significantly shown improvement in fish farming sustainability by boosting disease resilience.
  5. SAMBIO (Smart Dynamic Multi-Valorisation-Route Biorefinery)'s modelling assessed valorisation route feasibility, emphasizing energy optimization for reduced environmental impact, while social analysis highlighted safety and consumer awareness as key for responsible consumption.


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