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Pomace Factsheet

Category: feedstocks
Published: 30/07/2020
Author: NNFCC
Factsheet on fruit pomace production and value chains produced for the Agrocycle project.

This factsheet, produced by NNFCC as part of the Agrocycle project, contains information on the following:

  • Production and Management
    • What is fruit pomace?
    • Availability of Fruit Pomace
    • Typical management and use
  • Processing systems resulting in pomace
    • Peach processing systems
    • Apple processing systems
    • Citrus processing systems
    • Grape processing systems
    • Olive processing systems
  • Typical value chains
    • Pomace extracts & ingredients
    • Pomace to energy
    • Animal Feed
    • Biofertiliser
  • Constraints and actions for further exploitation
    • Constraints to maximise utilisation of fruit pomace
    • Indicative actions for more sustainable exploitation