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NNFCC News Review: Feedstock Issue 123, June 2022

Category: feedstocks,biorefining
Published: 10/06/2022
Author: NNFCC
Each month we review the latest news and select key announcements and commentary from across the Feedstock and Biorefining sector.

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According to Our World in Data, the global net loss in forests was over 4.5 million hectares per year over the 2010-2020 decade, but deforestation rates were substantially higher. Despite agriculture – both crops and grazing – being the main driver for deforestation, the amount of land used for agriculture has only increased by 7% since 1961; but with the population more than doubling in the same period, the agricultural land per capita has more than halved.

CDP, a charity that helps companies manage their environmental impacts has released a report that looks at measuring land use change (LUC) emissions from agricultural supply chains. Emissions from LUC like deforestation has over time become pivotal to stakeholders desiring to align their operations with climate goals. The report finds that, in general, companies are not yet accounting for LUC emissions in their supply chains, and over 40 investors representing a combined asset value of over £5 trillion, have called on cattle-sourcing companies that they have ties with, to minimise deforestation risks from...

Other News this Month Includes:


  • EU Environmental Committee votes to limit use of forest biomass and crop biofuels
  • Bonsucro Production Standard (V5.1) transition period
  • U.S. EPA review canola oil pathways


  • Terravesta Europe established
  • RSPO-ISPO collaboration key to smallholder inclusion in sustainable palm oil ecosystem
  • Enhancing Thai palm oil production to meet global sustainability demands

Research & Development

  • Solvay launches new growth platform focused on renewable materials and biotechnology
  • Production of natural rubber from Euphorbia stricta L. and Tragopogon aureus Boiss plants
  • More...

Wood & Crop

  • ICAR official calls for stopping industrial use of edible oil
  • United Soybean Board releases 2021 Sustainability Overview report
  • British Sugar and NFU Sugar announce an interest free 25% cash advance for sugar beet growers


  • Waste-derived fuels and renewable chemicals for bioeconomy promotion: a sustainable approach
  • Biorefinery development: a fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis among European countries


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