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NNFCC News Review: Feedstock Issue 147, June 2024

Category: feedstocks
Published: 18/06/2024
Author: NNFCC
Each month we review the latest news and select key announcements and commentary from across the Feedstock and Biorefining sector.

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In this month’s News Review we take a closer look at developments within the wood and crop sector. A consortium of over 20 industry and research partners have formed a four-year, £5.9 million project to help farmers monetise carbon capture ‘through a carbon marketplace’. The project, entitled the Centre for High Carbon Capture Cropping (CHCx3) is led by crop science organisation National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB). The project will primarily evaluate crop’s potential to enhance atmospheric carbon capture and sequestration, in the soil and crop-based products, and attempt to examine the effects of cultivation systems and agronomy on economic returns. The consortium will examine four cropping options, including rotational cover crops and annual fibre crops, such as industrial hemp and flax. Furthermore, the project will investigate perennial, food, forage, and feed crops - including cereals and herbal leys – as well as perennial biomass crops, such as miscanthus, willow and poplar. The results will be important in informing the development of enhanced value chains for industries such as textiles and construction.

Scientists at the Rothamsted Research centre are baffled by the fact that the vast datasets from ‘Britain’s most measured farm’, North Wyke Farm Platform in Devon, remain underutilised. The accumulated streams of data from every aspect of the farm and environment are being continuously updated and expanded, building up a detailed picture of the landscape, the natural systems and the impacts that farm activity is having on both. The data has generated over 200 academic papers and attracted investment and collaboration with multiple partners. But more could be used according to Phil Le Grice, Farm Platform scientific specialist, who mentions: “It is a resource of such scale that it requires a leap of imagination.” He carries on pointing out that 12 years ago people were not able to envisage the power of big data, however with the emergence of AI and machine learning this is now plausible.

Other News this Month Includes:


  • Biomass, plastic waste and carbon dioxide feedstocks key to cutting chemical industry’s emissions
  • EU states to allow new biofuels feedstocks by Sept 2025
  • More...


  • Global vegetable oil production expected to hit record levels in 2024/25
  • OMV and Borealis sign long-term supply agreements with TOMRA for recycling feedstock produced from mixed waste
  • More...

Research & Development

  • UK researchers lead a national team, transforming solid waste into aviation fuel
  • Bio-based resins could offer recyclable future for 3D printing
  • More...

Wood & Crop

  • Project worth £5.9m to help UK farmers increase carbon capture
  • IFC and the Italian climate fund partner with Eni to support biofuel production
  • More...


  • Trillium Renewable Chemicals selects INEOS Green Lake for world’s first demonstration plant for sustainable acrylonitrile production
  • Urban biorefineries in the EU: from blueprint to implementation
  • India: NRL’s biorefinery to start producing ethanol by July-August: MD

Other feedstocks

  • Bio Capital acquires Linwood transfer station to process feedstock for Scotland anaerobic digestion sites.


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