Brand Perspectives on Biomaterials: Results Published

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Sustainability Consult publish the results of their survey into Brand Perspectives on Biomaterials.

Earlier in 2017, Sustainability Consult launched their Brand Perspectives of Biomaterials survey, seeking to find out how biomaterials are perceived among leading brands. Responses were collected from over 40 brands, and the results have now been published in a report.

The results were positive for the biomaterials sector, indicating that brands are gaining greater awareness of biomaterials, and are also seeking to widen their use. Consumer demand is driving this investment, and brands are aiming to improve their public image by openly using biobased materials. However, the majority of brands noted that biomaterials still present a significant cost barrier for those seeking to utilise them, but despite this, the agreement seems to be that the biomaterials sector will continue to grow over the next decade.

The full results of the survey are published in a free report, available here.

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