The Shikimate Pathway

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The ShikiFactory100 project seeks to produce high-value compounds from the shikimate pathway, but what is the shikimate pathway?

The ShikiFactory100 project aims towards the production of 100 high-added value compounds from the shikimate pathway, a hub in cell metabolism, for application in food, pharma and cosmetics. To fully comprehend this project and the research activities that it entails, it is necessary to take a step back and explore some of the key terminology. For example, what do we mean by cell metabolism? What is the shikimate pathway? Or what are amino acids, and what role do they play in living organisms?

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This article was written by Andrea Muñoz-Garcia, Senior Consultant at NNFCC.

For more information about the ShikiFactory100 project, click here, or visit the project's website here.

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