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NNFCC News Review: Biobased Products Issue 107, February 2021

Category: biobased
Published: 03/02/2021
Author: NNFCC
Each month we review the latest news and select key announcements and commentary from across the biobased products sector.


Fashion being one of the greatest global polluters, an increasing number of brands are taking up the challenge of developing sustainable biobased materials, such as biobased nylon, leather and cotton, to be used across a range of clothing items and accessories. These sustainability commitments are further encouraged and supported by the ever-growing demand from customers who are beginning to seek out sustainable products that do not require compromising between quality and eco-friendliness. Last October we described how you could acquire the most sustainable, and fashionable, jet-set attire there was. Today, we’ll show you that it’s just as easy to become the trendiest biobased globetrotter to ever travel around the world!

First, you’ll need some good shoes. Adidas is continuously strengthening its commitment to transition towards sustainable materials. In 2020, the brand developed a biobased leather alternative made from mycelium...

Other News this Month Includes:


  • Scotland takes action on plastic waste


  • Qualitas Health raises $10M for algae-based protein
  • UPM Biochemicals grows lignin business with new Domtar supply agreement
  • Green Plains Completes York USP Ethanol Upgrade

Research & Development

  • First Bio-Based Composite Movable Bicycle Bridge
  • Techno-economic assessment of a biorefinery plant for extracted olive pomace valorisation
  • More...


  • Sabic and Beiersdorf to implement cosmetics packaging using certified renewable polypropylene
  • Braskem investment into sustainable plastic production using CO2 capture and utilization technology
  • More...


  • Aldaric acids as stable intermediates for the synthesis of furandicarboxylic acid esters
  • Synthesis of bio-based methylcyclopentadiene from cellulose
  • More...

Consumer Products

  • Unique Kånken backpack made from an innovative 100% bio-based fabric
  • Rudolf Group introduce first biobased water repellent
  • More...​​


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