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NNFCC News Review: Biofuels Issue 109, April 2021

Category: biofuels
Published: 29/04/2021
Author: NNFCC
Each month we review the latest news and select key announcements and commentary from across the biofuels sector.


In January of this year, France decided to no longer count palm-oil derived biodiesel towards the RED II European biofuel incorporation and greenhouse gas reduction targets. A similar legislative reform is expected to enter into action in Austria on 1st July 2021.These actions stem for the European Commission’s decision to  phase out the use of palm oil in biofuels. The two largest producers of palm oil, namely Indonesia and Malaysia, have taken action against the EU through the World Trade Organisation’s (WTO) dispute settlement mechanism.

Nevertheless, more European countries are joining France and Austria, with Belgium announcing that the country will ban palm oil-based biofuels starting mid-2022. In addition, soybean-based transport fuels will be halted from 2023...

Other news this month includes:


  • EU countries move to ban soy and palm-based biofuels
  • UK introduces E10 in September
  • US DoE pledges $61.4 million for biofuels development


  • Worley working with Phillips 66 to reconfigure its San Francisco refinery to produce renewable fuels
  • UK imports of EU ethanol rally but still low
  • Malaysia eyes African and Middle East markets for its palm oil

Research and Development

  • Can gene-editing help solve the energy crisis?
  • Eni: New Systems Installed at the Venice Biorefinery to Eliminate Palm Oil Entirely


  • CHS Expands Access to E15 Fuel
  • Making European sustainable mobility a reality with cellulosic ethanol


  • ExxonMobil expands renewable fuels agreement with Global Clean Energy Holdings
  • Renewable diesel production expanding thanks to Love’s and Cargill joint venture
  • Biodiesel for Thames marine operators

Aviation Biofuel

  • Shell and ITM to produce SAF and eFuel
  • Consortium to test impact of SAF on air quality
  • More...

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