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NNFCC News Review: Biofuels Issue 122, May 2022

Category: biofuels
Published: 27/05/2022
Author: NNFCC
Each month we review the latest news and select key announcements and commentary from across the biofuels sector.

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To meet updated transport fuel targets within the European Commission’s Fit for 55 package set out in July 2021 – including a 13% reduction in GHG intensity of transport fuels by 2030, covering all transport modes, and tightening of the EU ETS aviation fuel cap via the linear reduction factor, from 2.2% to 4.2% – will require continued and significant investment into the development and deployment of biofuel technologies. According to Statista, in both 2006 and 2007, global investment in biofuel technology was over $26 billion annually, however there has been a general downward annual trend since these highs, to around ~12% of the of these levels, in 2019.

One of the eight certified conversion platforms for commercial SAF production is Alcohol to Jet (AtJ). In the AtJ process, oxygen is removed from the raw material of choice – either ethanol or iso-butanol – and resulting repeating units are linked via oligomerisation reactions to achieve desired carbon chain length of SAF molecules. Recently, green fuel producers Swedish Biofuels has teamed with engineering consultancy COWI, to supply 400,000 tonnes of SAF to the Swedish market, via the AtJ method...

Other news this month includes:


  • India to hit 10% biofuel blending target
  • DfT update on development fuel production
  • Germany nervous on crop derived fuels after Russia invades Ukraine


  • Air Products and Worlds Energy team up on SAF
  • SGP BioEnergy announces world's largest advanced biofuel production facility
  • More...

Research and Development

  • Honda may commercialise algae-growing technology for carbon capture and biofuel


  • Detrimental environmental claims made on US ethanol undermined after review
  • 2G ethanol plant for Poland
  • US ethanol with carbon capture proposals


  • Neste grows in US

Aviation and Shipping Biofuel

  • Aemetis to supply SAF to JetBlue
  • UK competition for transatlantic biofuel fuelled flight

Other Biofuels

  • Dutch methanol with carbon capture
  • EU to increase electrolyser capacity for fuels and other uses

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