Lucy Montgomery

Lucy is a Senior Consultant at NNFCC. She provides market, technology and regulatory insights to technology developers making biobased products, both for private clients and for EU projects. As part of publicly funded projects, she assesses the feasibility of new technologies and advises on next steps for commercialisation. She also provides support to anaerobic digestion (AD) installations, both current and planned.

Lucy has a background in industrial biotechnology and AD. Prior to working at NNFCC, she spent 6 years working in research in Austria, at the Austrian Centre for Industrial Biotechnology (acib GmbH) and the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU). Her research topics included C1 gas fermentation, enzymatic degradation of lignocellulose, anaerobic digestion, and the flow behaviour of fibre-rich slurries.

She studied Biotechnology at the University of Edinburgh and, after working at the biotech start-up Ingenza, went on to do a master’s degree in Biochemical Engineering at University College London (UCL).

Recent projects

  • RHI application support – helped AD plants gather evidence and apply for RHI tariffs. 
  • AD GHG reporting – regular reporting of greenhouse gas emissions from biogas feedstocks to ensure compliance with RHI / FIT.
  • Marketing restrictions on GMM-derived food ingredients – determined food safety and food labelling issues for food ingredients made from GM microorganisms.
  • European latex markets – determined the markets for natural and synthetic latex in Europe through stakeholder interview.
  • Environmental impacts of sugar production – identified environmental issues with sugar production, compared GHG emissions from the production of sugar crops and cereals with the GHG emissions allocated to their lignocellulosic residues.
  • Taught masterclass on writing a business plan.

Lucy worked on the project BioBase4SME which provided innovation vouchers for technical and business services to SMEs in North-West Europe. This project was funded by Interreg North-West Europe from 2016 to 2019. Within the project, NNFCC offered market landscape reviews as well as strategic market reviews covering political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental (PESTLE) considerations. NNFCC also looks at new developments on the horizon that could represent threats or opportunities for technical developments of SMEs.

Lucy is a key contributor to the exploitation strategy and business plans in the 4-year Horizon 2020 project DAFIA. The project investigates valorising residues from the fish processing industry and biodegradable household waste to make food coatings and packaging, bio-based flame retardants and bio-based polyamide. DAFIA consists of 15 partners from the EU, Norway, Israel and Turkey and includes large industrial partners as well as SMEs and research institutes.

Selected publications