BioBase4SME Partners formed BioBase4SME Network for further collaboration

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BioBase4SME's partners have formed a collaboration network in the aftermath of the completion of the project.

Following the successful completion of the BioBase4SME project, the partner organisations have now formed the ‘BioBase4SME Network’. This network will create strong, interregional connections between European organisations to provide effective knowledge exchange and innovation support for biobased entrepreneurs. It will also improve cross-regional support for the biobased economy in terms of the innovation and investment climate, legal framework and public approval.

The ‘BioBase4SME Network’ consists of Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant (Belgium), CLIB - Cluster Industrielle Biotechnologie e.V. (Germany), Flanders Biobased Valley (Belgium), REWIN (Netherlands), Materia Nova (Belgium), NNFCC (UK), tcbbResource (Ireland), Association des Chambres d'Agriculture de l'Arc Atlantique (France) and BioVale Ltd (UK).

Stay tuned to our Twitter channel @BioBase4SME and website for the latest network news.

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