NNFCC Publishes 2023 Edition of Anaerobic Digestion Deployment in the UK Report

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Press Release: NNFCC report slow growth in the 10th annual UK AD market update

The World Biogas Expo, 29th - 30th March 2023 – NNFCC, the bioeconomy consultants, launched their annual ‘Anaerobic Digestion Deployment in the UK Report’ for 2023. As this is the celebratory 10th edition, the outlook has been expanded to include new content and to provide a more holistic overview of developments in the growing organics recycling sector.

Composting technology contributes valuable capacity for the handling of organic waste alongside anaerobic digestion, so this year the report includes data on treatment capacity from a new database of UK composting sites, as well as an overview of the relevant drivers and regulations of relevance to both the AD and composting sectors. As the biggest constraint hampering growth in the UK AD industry at present is feedstock, given delays in the roll-out of separate food waste collections across households and businesses in England and Wales, the report also looks at regional distribution of existing organics treatment capacity and the likely future focus for new capacity.

The launch of the Green Gas Support Scheme (GGSS) in November of 2021 has brought a new impetus to the AD sector but in the absence of other schemes, with delays in the supply chain and the requirement for GGSS applicants to go through the tariff guarantee process before entering construction, only one entirely new plant has actually commissioned in the past 12 months. However, the rate of growth is expected to increase significantly in the coming year, as 12 plants are currently under construction – nine entirely new GGSS-supported projects and three original RHI projects, still going through the final stages of construction and full site commissioning.

NNFCC’s AD Deployment in the UK report is a valuable tool for investors, developers and suppliers with an interest in the industry. It is available for purchase from www.nnfcc.co.uk and purchasers will receive a PDF copy of the report and a comprehensive database of all operational and planned AD facilities in the UK, including detail on location, type, status, commissioning date, gas output capacity and feedstock treatment capacity, by type.

Lucy Hopwood, Business Development Director and Lead Consultant for Bioenergy & Anaerobic Digestion at NNFCC says:

“As the biggest constraint in the sector at present is feedstock availability, security and pricing, we felt it prudent to enhance the report in these areas, so now include a broader view of the organics recycling sector and more analysis on the spatial distribution of feedstock demand. We hope the latest report and database will be even more valuable to developers and investors seeking knowledge on local opportunities and competition, to inform investment decisions and deliver continued deployment across the sector.” 

Alongside the UK AD Deployment Report, NNFCC is also launching a new AD Deployment in the Republic of Ireland report and a new GGSS-ready greenhouse gas (GHG) calculator to support new developments.

For more information:

Where to access the report

Full details of all NNFCCs reports and tools can be found at  www.nnfcc.co.uk/publications-store. For more information on the AD Deployment in the UK report, please contact Sophie Mason, Senior Consultant on  s.mason@nnfcc.co.uk


NNFCC is an independent provider of expertise and strategic focus to Government, industry and academia. The business has worked exclusively in the bioeconomy sector for 20 years and has developed an intimate understanding of the bioeconomy. As a result, the company has built an enviable track record of working with, and delivering to, clients in the AD and bioenergy sector.
The NNFCC team have extensive project experience on biomass related resources and bioenergy technologies, including project scoping, planning and development, as well as providing strategic insight and business support services to those established in or entering the bioenergy market. NNFCC has an unrivalled knowledge of the UK AD market and the underpinning regulations.

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