NNFCC launch GGSS-ready carbon calculator for new biomethane producers

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Press Release: NNFCC launches GGSS-ready carbon calculator

The World Biogas Expo, 29th - 30th March 2023 – NNFCC has launched a new greenhouse gas (GHG) calculator for biomethane producers registering to receive support from the Green Gas Support Scheme (GGSS). The original GHG calculator launched by NNFCC in 2014, as a user-friendly alternative to other tools on the market, has been widely used by AD plant operators claiming support from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and Feed in Tariff (FIT) and is well known to Ofgem teams receiving and processing claims.

The new GGSS-ready tool has been updated to account for changes in the reporting methodology, including averaging of emissions across consignments, a carbon-credit for manure-users, and a lower GHG threshold, amongst other things. The tool is Excel based and fully transparent, providing a breakdown of GHG emissions by process stage, to allow the user to understand where improvements can and should be made, to ensure the tightening emissions limits can be achieved.  It can also be used to model emissions of potential new feedstocks prior to committing to their use, to understand key sensitivities and risks, and to inform commercial discussions for plants broadening their supply base.

The tool is available with or without user-support, and NNFCC are engaged by a significant number of AD facilities to handle the periodic data reporting which includes the GHG calculations, due to the depth and breadth of their experience in this activity.

Sophie Swan, Operations Manager at Adapt Biogas comments:

"We have utilised NNFCC's GHG calculator for a number of years and have recently set-up an additional tool for our new plant Evercreech. We have always found the tool easy to use, concise in its reporting and vital for ensuring appropriate tracking of our associated carbon intensity scores. The team at NNFCC are knowledgeable, extremely helpful and a great benefit to the wider anaerobic digestion industry."

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Where to access the report

To find out more about the GHG Calculator and NNFCCs other tools, see  www.nnfcc.co.uk/publications-store.


NNFCC is an independent provider of expertise and strategic focus to Government, industry and academia. The business has worked exclusively in the bioeconomy sector for 20 years and has developed an intimate understanding of the bioeconomy. As a result, the company has built an enviable track record of working with, and delivering to, clients in the AD and bioenergy sector.
The NNFCC team have extensive project experience on biomass related resources and bioenergy technologies, including project scoping, planning and development, as well as providing strategic insight and business support services to those established in or entering the bioenergy market. NNFCC has an unrivalled knowledge of the UK AD market and the underpinning regulations.

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