NNFCC launch 2023 Irish Anaerobic Digestion Deployment Report ahead of expected growth

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NNFCC launch first edition of Irish AD market report

The World Biogas Expo, 29th - 30th March 2023 – NNFCC has launched a new ‘Anaerobic Digestion Deployment in the Republic of Ireland’ report, to provide an insight into the AD market, policy and regulatory landscape in Ireland ahead of an expected wave of growth. The report contains details about the capacity and feedstock requirements of anaerobic digestion (AD) plants listed within NNFCC’s new Irish AD Deployment database which collates data about Irish AD projects from public announcement through to operation and is updated on a monthly basis.

The database contains information on AD plants processing material from both agricultural and waste sources and projects operating with combined heat & power (CHP) or biomethane-to-grid (BtG) output.

The Irish AD, biogas and biomethane sectors are still in their infancy. A slow growth rate has been observed to date, with only 30 AD plants currently in operation in Ireland. This is a small number compared to other European countries with well-developed AD sectors, such as the UK or Germany, where the operational AD plants are counted by the hundreds. The slow growth is the result of a lack of public support for AD, biogas and biomethane.

Looking ahead, the ambitious targets set by the EU and the Irish government for biomethane are expected to drive more policy changes in sector in the upcoming years. The Irish Biomethane Strategy is expected in 2023, detailing concrete actions to deliver on the 5.7TWh ambition. Furthermore, the introduction of the new RHO is expected in 2024, under which fuel suppliers for the heat sector will be obligated to source a fraction of their fuel from renewable sources.

There is a lot of excitement about growth in the AD sector. NNFCC will continue to monitor the market and its growth in Ireland to inform business and policy decisions in future years.

Lucy Hopwood, Business Development Director and Lead Consultant for Bioenergy & Anaerobic Digestion at NNFCC says:

“After ten years reporting on the UK AD Market, we are delighted to be launching our first AD Deployment in the Republic of Ireland report. A secure, domestic low-carbon energy system is the ambition of each and every nation in Europe, but the potential varies vastly depending on the size, nature and maturity of the target countries and each sector respectively. The Republic of Ireland is clearly in a strong position, identified as having the highest potential for biomethane production per capita, and with big ambitions in the latest Climate Action Plan (CAP), aiming for the production of up to 5.7TWh of biomethane coming from 200 AD plants by 2030."

"Not only can AD and biomethane improve energy security, reduce emissions and help to decarbonise the energy system, it can also benefit the farming and food industries by offering additional or alternative markets, resources and revenue streams in otherwise challenging economic times."

"Coming late to the AD market, Ireland has the advantage of learning from those that have moved earlier. We are looking forward to working with everyone involved and being part of the growth and investment required to help Ireland realise its potential and really put it on the map as a major player in the AD and biomethane industry.”

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Where to access the report

Full details of all NNFCCs reports and tools can be found at  www.nnfcc.co.uk/publications-store.


NNFCC is an independent provider of expertise and strategic focus to Government, industry and academia. The business has worked exclusively in the bioeconomy sector for 20 years and has developed an intimate understanding of the bioeconomy. As a result, the company has built an enviable track record of working with, and delivering to, clients in the AD and bioenergy sector.
The NNFCC team have extensive project experience on biomass related resources and bioenergy technologies, including project scoping, planning and development, as well as providing strategic insight and business support services to those established in or entering the bioenergy market. NNFCC has an unrivalled knowledge of the UK AD market and the underpinning regulations.

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