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Anaerobic Digestion Deployment in the Republic of Ireland 2023

Category: bioenergy
Published: 29/03/2023
Author: NNFCC
The first ever edition of NNFCC's report on Anaerobic Digestion in the Republic of Ireland, providing a comprehensive overview of the country's AD sector.


  • Extensive market data and analysis on current and future development trends.
  • Maps and timeline graphs illustrating national development trends.
  • Detailed sector commentary and comprehensive overview of policy and incentives affecting the anaerobic digestion development landscape. 
  • Comprehensive excel database of the country's planned and operational Anaerobic Digestion facilities. 
  • Includes site name and location; feedstock type, source and volumes; energy output type and capacity; and development status.

Reasons to buy

  • To inform investment and policy decisions in the anaerobic digestion sector by understanding the current and future anaerobic digestion market and policy landscape
  • To enable targeting of sales and marketing effort for anaerobic digestion service and product providers, based on technical or regional focus.
  • To identify competition and quantify feedstock requirements of the anaerobic digestion industry

Number of pages: 52

Accessibility: This item is available to NNFCC Anaerobic Digestion Business Subscribers or through individual purchase (fill in form below)

The accompanying spreadsheet will be sent alongside the report upon completion of your purchase.


After ten years reporting on the UK AD Market, we are delighted to be launching this, our first AD Deployment in the Republic of Ireland report. The Republic of Ireland could become an important player of the European biomethane sector; it was identified by the European Commission as having the highest potential for biomethane production per capita in Europe, and it has big ambitions aiming for the production of up to 5.7TWh of biomethane by 2030.

The report provides a comprehensive breakdown of sector development in the Republic of Ireland, providing detailed information on feedstock, installed capacity and output type (combined heat & power or biomethane-to-grid) for every project.

The report is available for purchase for £995 + VAT, or is included with an Anaerobic Digestion Business Subscription, which also includes consultancy support to help recipients further understand the market, identify development opportunities, or expand their knowledge of the sector more generally, for purchase for £1,770 + VAT.

Previous years' Deployment Reports are available upon request:


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