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NNFCC News Review: Feedstock Issue 88, July 2019

Category: feedstocks
Published: 11/07/2019
Author: NNFCC
Each month we review the latest news and select key announcements and commentary from across the Feedstock sector.


This month sees some interesting developments emerging from feedstocks other than wood and crop, and cheese is one such feedstock. Cheese-making produces whey permeate as a by-product, and when producers such as Wensleydale Creamery produce 4000 tonnes of cheese every year, this presents an opportunity for utilisation. The Yorkshire cheese maker has agreed to supply Iona’s Leeming Biogas plant in North Yorkshire with enough whey to produce nearly one million cubic meters of green gas, or equivalent to 10,000 MWh of energy per year. Maximising the use of resources and working towards a circular economy is not only demonstrated by cheese this month. A Tata owned chemical plant in Cheshire plans to capture 40,000 tonnes of carbon and use it to make sodium bicarbonate, and government funding of £26 million for nine carbon capture projects is likely to see..........

Other News this Month Includes:


  • Dutch RDF tax


  • Canfor Pulp temporarily curtails production
  • Corn market slows bioethanol production in US

Research & Development

  • New feedstocks for raw materials
  • Sustainable textile fibres in Finland
  • New international conference on cellulose fibres​

Wood & Crop

  • Hemp could create 80,000 jobs in Ireland
  • Report into long-term viability of wood pellet supply chain
  • Eucalyptus fibres save water relative to cotton
  • Waste wood plant operational
  • Tree planting in Scotland

Other Feedstocks

  • Biogas from cheese
  • Vegetable oil powers Glastonbury
  • Plans to capture 40,000 tonnes of CO2 a year
  • Palm oil use in EU
  • Tall oil finds use in packaging​


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