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NNFCC News Review: Feedstock Issue 60, March 2017

Category: feedstocks,nnfcc
Published: 13/03/2017
Author: NNFCC
Each month we review the latest news and select key announcements and commentary from across the Feedstock sector.


It is an absolute delight to be able to say that our “cover story”, if you will, comes from home: as the Island of Jersey has announced it's new rural economy strategy, which includes policies that originated through consultation with NNFCC.

Jersey has struggled in recent years with a Potato Cyst Nematode problem, which has led to them looking for opportunities to grow alternative crops instead. After investigating a large number of low volume/high value non-food crops that could be grown on the island, NNFCC outlined a complete value chain for specialist oil crops to be utilised for cosmetics production on the island. Following a second consultation expanding out into...

Other News this Month Includes:


  • Jersey to grow tea thanks to NNFCC
  • Chatham House report met with rebuke by the industry
  • Composts remain low risk for agriculture use
  • Low risk when using digestate in agriculture


  • Mapping the Latin American Oil Palm industry
  • Drop in biomass power price sees pellet surge in Japan

Research & Development

  • Analysis of land-use change in Midwest America
  • Effect of biofuel & biomass feedstock crops on ecosystem services
  • Seaweed as feedstock for Biomethane
  • Discussion of organic waste as suitable biorefinery feedstock
  • Singapore's A*STAR to research feedstock opportunities for biorefining

Wood & Crop

  • Drax in bid to acquire struggling pellet plants
  • Partnership to strengthen miscanthus for energy industry
  • Roundwood prices continued to rise in 2016
  • Expansion of US Pellet Fuels Institute's Standards Program
  • Spencer Group builds three Pellet Silos at Port of Tyne

Other Feedstocks

  • Airex unveils torrefaction plant
  • Bio-bean turns Caffe Nero's waste beans into pellets

Feedstock Prices