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Come and visit us at UK AD & Biogas Expo and learn why we're recommended for bioenergy services.

We are excited about exhibiting at UK AD & Biogas Expo this week at the NEC and invite you to visit us on stand L503.

In recent months we have been working hard to develop and improve our offer for the bioenergy sector. We are involved in many new and established projects and initiatives, and continue to develop our client base in the UK and overseas.

Due to our experience and track record in securing accreditation and undertaking periodic data submissions for our clients, we are being recommended as the go-to provider for these services. Going beyond this, in instances our reputation is so credible that funders are seeing NNFCC’s involvement as essential, at both the application stage and with the ongoing sustainability reporting and greenhouse gas (GHG) calculations. Our own bespoke GHG Calculator for complex multi-input, multi-output supply chains has recently been approved internally by Ofgem, meaning they instantly recognise returns submitted using this tool and accept the underlying methodology as accurately following the guidance – in many cases they simply need to check the end result comes under the relevant carbon intensity threshold rather than digging deep into the methodology and underlying calculations.

Our GHG Calculator continues to be widely used by the industry and we now offer training to accompany the tool, to handhold the user through the first year of reporting. We work with the developer or system operator to develop and improve data collection and record keeping, we set up the tool to reflect each plants supply chain(s) and we ensure the relevant carbon saving is achieved, before submitting returns to Ofgem via their online Portal. Our broader knowledge of agriculture and the food industry allows us to identify where additional savings can be achieved, and to work with the operator to communicate these improvements to relevant parties in the supply chain. This includes agronomic and logistical advice, alternative supplier information and analytical services to optimise plant performance.

The latter is done through an ongoing working partnership with Amur Energy, part of AB Agri, who help customers improve the performance of their facilities by optimising gas yields and providing consistent, unsurpassed feedstock supply that drives industry standards. Amur Energy will also be exhibiting on stand G401 at the show.

We have also been supporting Alterinvest Capital for over 18 months to identify financial challenges faced by project developers and system operators who are experiencing lengthy delays with the accreditation process, allowing them to develop and refine a novel RHI Financing package which is being launched at the Show. Stephen Stranks of Alterinvest Capital Ltd comments:

“In the past, delay in the receipt of RHI payments from Ofgem has often caused cashflow issues for new and operational projects.  As a result, there have been requests from industry representatives to BEIS to permit Assignment of Rights (AOR) for RHI to enable plant owners to finance expected RHI receipts. In 2017 AOR for Non-Domestic RHI was refused by BEIS. Alterinvest Capital together with a specialist bank, have now structured an RHI Cash Flow scheme which should go a long way to solving the issue of delayed RHI payments. The benefits are simple – substantially improved working capital for growth and expansion and improved return on capital providing early breakeven period. RHI Financing provides more finance options for new and existing plants as well as the potential to reduce OPEX and debt servicing cost by placing forecasted RHI in the hands of plant owners. The scheme includes the cost of handling quarterly RHI claims to Ofgem including sustainability calculations to demonstrate compliance. We are hoping this will be received favourably within the industry.”

Alterinvest are on stand J302 at UK AD & Biogas.

These are just two examples of close affiliations we have with other service providers, allowing us to offer such a breadth of knowledge and support. Please visit us on stand L503 to discuss specific projects or opportunities to develop mutually beneficial working partnerships in such a complex and competitive industry sector.

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