Press Release: Ensuring Healthy AD Plants Deliver a Healthy Profit

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Press Release: The launch of a new service to help anaerobic digestion (AD) plant operators assess the health of their facility.

York, 24th May, 2017: NNFCC, lead strategic bioeconomy business consultants have joined forces with Amur, part of AB Agri, the UKs leading nutrition company and co-products supplier, and both businesses are proud and excited to launch this new “Healthcheck” service.

As the AD industry has faced uncertainty and continuous tariff reductions in recent years, the focus for developers has been to build as quickly as possible to beat deadlines, and to secure as much support as possible for as long as possible, without really thinking about building the plant best-suited to their needs or aspirations.

Despite recent tariff reviews and a glimmer of hope for the future in the form of higher tariffs and more stable support, the hope is expected to be short-lived, if it in fact survives the current political shake-up and transpires into reality at the other side of the election.

Higher tariffs are not sustainable, and any industry so heavily reliant on public support is never a healthy one. This new service is therefore not only very timely, but also crucial to prolong the viability of the UK industry and to make it attractive to investors again following the pain of Brexit – optimising profitability is at the heart of its objectives.

For operators who have secured lower than ideal tariffs in recent years, or for those facing the decision of whether to accredit now or wait for the promised changes, the “Healthcheck” could make the difference between success and failure.

A “Healthcheck” will entail a site visit from an expert from both organisations, followed by a period of analysis and consideration, before reporting back with recommendations quantified in extra revenue terms. ‚Äč

The service is very competitively priced and will provide a rapid and clearly quantifiable return on investment, without the need for additional capital outlay.

Dr Michael Goldsworthy, leading the offer for NNFCC, comments:

There has never been a better time to review options and to develop plans for the future that are not capital-intensive. As Brexit looms it is important we make the most of what we have whilst limiting risk – as a decision-support tool we believe this service is just what the industry needs. Sustainability is particularly topical at present, and as leaders in this sector we understand it is important your plant is sustainable not only in the environmental sense, but also in terms of the economics. We have helped many clients to understand and improve their environmental sustainability in recent years and are pleased to now be in a position to deliver this parallel service to now enhance the financial sustainability of these ventures.

For more information:

For more information or to arrange a “Healthcheck” contact Dr Michael Goldsworthy at NNFCC on +44(0)1904 435182 or

Notes to editors:

NNFCC is a specialist bioeconomy consultancy based in York, the UK.  Established by the UK government in 2003 as the National Non-Food Crops Centre, NNFCC has grown to become a leading independent consultancy focused on understanding biorenewable markets and technologies.  They provide global clients with a holistic view of feedstock, technology, policy and market development across the bioeconomy, enabling informed business decisions and sustainable business strategies.  NNFCC also provides technical, market and policy expertise on the conversion of biomass and waste to bioenergy, biofuels and biobased products to the UK government.  See more at

Amur is part of AB Agri, an Associated British Foods business. As part of AB Agri, Amur is supported by a group that makes up the fabric of British agriculture and food production. AB Agri has over 30 years’ experience in managing non-core product streams; turning ‘waste’ into in-demand, differentiated and valuable products for the agricultural feed market, and now, for the anaerobic digestion market, through Amur.

AB Agri operates at the heart of the agricultural industry with activities that stretch from plough to plate. The business' unique breadth and experience enables it to add value and drive profit for businesses all along the food, drink and biofuel industry supply chain. Today, AB Agri operates through more than 19 individual businesses. It is the UK's market leader in almost all of the sectors in which it operates, and is fast expanding its global footprint to become a major international agri-business. More information is available at

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