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NNFCC News Review: Bioenergy Issue 101, August 2020

Category: bioenergy
Published: 25/08/2020
Author: NNFCC
Each month we review the latest news and select key announcements and commentary from across the bioenergy sector.


Heating homes and buildings accounts for huge amounts of the energy we use in the UK. Utilising excess heat where it is generated can reduce demand on the broader energy system, which helps to alleviate some of the pressure on our networks to become net-zero. District heating is a means of providing low-carbon heating to homes and buildings, typically utilising excess heat from nearby industry. The excess heat is distributed through highly insulated pipes and often able to connect a large area, bringing financial benefits to the local community through reduced fuel bills along with the environmental and social benefits. 
The UK’s Heat Networks Investment Project offers a total of £320 million in funding aimed at supporting.........  

Other News this Month Includes: 


  • Capacity market technology expansion
  • Funding for greening Scottish whiskey
  • District heating projects in Wales​


  • UK energy trends
  • BP net-zero strategy by 2050​

Research & Development

  • UK Power Networks launch project
  • Opportunities for renewables with falling prices
  • New study says Turkey could produce one-third of power demand from biomass​

Biomass Heat and Power

  • Envia’s sustainable supply chain
  • US wood pellet 


  • Biomethane connection in Cambridgeshire
  • Carbon savings from new pipes
  • Biogas to hydrogen project

Energy from Waste

  • Biomethane connection in Cambridgeshire
  •  Carbon savings from new pipes
  • Biogas to hydrogen project


Capacity Statistics

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