Polly-Ann Hanson

Polly is a Consultant at NNFCC. Before joining NNFCC, Polly completed an MSc in Green Chemistry and Sustainable Industrial Technology from the University of York, with a research project focusing on the enzymatic polymerisation of biobased platform molecules. Prior, Polly completed a BSc in Chemistry, Resources and the Environment, also from the University of York. As a result she has particular specialisation in the biobased product sector, however, has also gained experience working on a variety of feedstock and bioenergy related topics. Her specialist area of interest is currently biobased packaging.

Polly has worked on a number of projects for a variety of commercial clients. Some of her recent work includes conducting a review of the protein supply landscape in the UK. She has also worked on a report for a provider of wholesale water and sewerage, and an assessment of the waste wood market in the UK.

Polly also provides support to multiple public funded projects, conducting market and policy research across the bioeconomy. Currently she is working on the H2020 project Shikifactory100, conducting a sustainability and market appraisal of 100 molecules arising from the Shikimate Pathway. Previously, Polly provided market research and exploitation plans for the H2020 DAFIA project.

Polly has also spent time producing articles for the NNFCC website over a variety of topics. Some of these include biomass availability, consumer purchasing and green claims, and alternative protein.