Market Analysis

We offer a range of market analysis approaches which we tailor to match the needs of our clients.

We undertake market landscape reviews providing information on market size, geographical breakdown, product value, key stakeholders and industry trends.

Stakeholder mapping exercises are performed to provide insight into key actors with relevant value chains, supply chains or innovation chains, to identify competitors and potential collaborators.

We offer strategic market reviews covering political, economic, social, technology, legal and environmental (PESTLE) considerations, as a basis for assessing likely trends complimented by strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat (SWOT) analysis to identify issues affecting development to provide robust recommendations for future business actions.

For longer-term market research we undertake horizon scan and scenario planning.

Horizon scans are used to detect early signs of important developments through a systematic examination of potential threats and opportunities. Emphasis is placed on exploring novel and unexpected issues as well as persistent problems and trends. This includes matters at the margins of current thinking that challenge past assumptions.  Horizon scans can provide the background to develop strategies to address anticipated future developments and thereby gain lead time. It can also be a way to assess trends to feed into a scenario development process.

Scenario planning is not about attempting to predict the future, but focuses on examining what potential futures might look like. The basis of scenario planning lies in combining the known and the unknown into views of the future that span a wide range of possibilities. Scenario planning raises awareness of possible futures and allows organisations to produce more robust business strategies.

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