Technology and economic appraisal

Technology and economic appraisals are typically commissioned at the start of any new business planning exercise. They can come in the form of technology landscaping exercises which assesses the ability and potential of a range of available technologies to achieve a desired output, normally with a pro and con analytical dialogue to identify the most promising opportunities. Alternatively appraisals are targeted more specifically, providing due diligence on a particular technology platform that requires an independent appraisal on outputs and operating performance values.

As an independent consultancy the NNFCC has no commercial affiliations with any technology supplier and hence can provide unbiased evaluations of any technology or suit of technologies required by the client.

Coupling this with an economic appraisal provides the client with not only the right technical choice but also a suite of options as to how a specific biomass transformation can be carried out in the most cost effective manner. These can be focused on the technology itself through consideration of capex and opex costs, plus potential revenues streams or the added value of the products in a particular market.

We regularly help clients make the right informed choices through interpretation and analysis of technological parameters coupled with market value considerations.

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