Sustainability Strategy

Many of today’s bio-based opportunities are driven by environmental imperatives, either to meet mandatory requirements or to deliver benefits over competitor products. The environmental impacts of a supply chain are influenced by a large number of factors from the choice of feedstock and location of production, through to the means of processing and modes of transport used. Changes in any aspect will have a different environmental outcome.

Where the environmental impacts of bio-based products are closely controlled (through compliance with standards) or legislated for (e.g. in publicly-funded support programmes), it’s important that industry understands the requirements it has to meet and how different choices will affect the ability to meet these requirements.

NNFCC has experience in environmental impact assessment through LCA approaches and in helping to interpret how sustainability policy impacts on a business and how improvements can be made. NNFCC can both help you make the informed choices to deliver your sustainability goals and provide the evidence to demonstrate your environmental claims.

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