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We provide technical support and regular market information to policy-makers across various UK Government departments, to inform policy thinking and to support key decisions. We are in a strong position to provide thorough and informed policy briefings or direct support to developers, investors and decision makers in the private sector around policy compatibility. This includes making best use of the complex matrix of support mechanisms on offer. We understand the criticality of decisions and risks associated with planned or unplanned policy changes, so develop critical pathways and development timelines for clients to reduce risks and maximise returns. 

Policy and associated support mechanisms are always in flux. Therefore it’s important that business decisions are based on a clear understanding of trends in policy direction and support mechanisms. This is to ensure developments do not miss out on the best opportunities, and conversely are not working to false assumptions around eligibility or the amount of support on offer.

We handle the accreditation process on behalf of clients applying for government support schemes, including the Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) and Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). We use our in-depth understanding of the regulations to prepare comprehensive applications and navigate the systems successfully, in order to secure essential revenue and ease cash flow pressures at critical times for our clients.

We combine policy, regulatory and sustainability knowledge to ensure our clients develop robust and compliant systems. We have developed bespoke Carbon Calculators to enable developers and operators to calculate their supply chain GHG emissions, which is a requirement of the financial support mechanisms. We also use combined feedstock, technology and policy knowledge to identify supply chain sensitivities and provide solutions to future-proof developments.

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